Traditional Braces vs. Invisalign – A Quick Comparison

Braces have become the best solution for proper alignment of teeth. People have been opting for them to perfect their teeth and smiles, because great smiles make way for a great impression. As technology advanced, invisalign came into form claiming many benefits over traditional braces. Invisaligns have indeed been proven to be a better option relative to traditional ones. Here is a comparison made between braces and invisalign based on the following factors.

Cost: When it comes to costs, braces and invisalign are priced almost the same. Costs do vary depending on the type of invisalign obtained and choice of upgrades or enhancements being made.

Comfort and usage: Traditional braces can cause pain, soreness, acute discomfort, injuries and tooth decays. Several dietary sacrifices should also be made when regular braces are used. However with invisalign, you need not worry about any of these issues and there comes no necessity to make any sort of dietary sacrifices.

Aesthetics: Regular braces with its visibility can create bad impression over people wearing it. Whereas invisalign are not just invisible but also provides the possibility to have them removed whenever required.

Results: In terms of producing the desired results, invisalign are much faster than traditional braces. While invisalign helps patients to have their teeth back in place within a year’s time, traditional braces offer accurate teeth alignment only after several years.

With the comparison being made as above, it is evident that usage of invisalign is better than traditional braces as they not just provide convenient usage and better comfort, but brings in faster results too.

Resource box: The author is a recognised orthodontist of invisible braces who have been offering invisalign in Sydney for several years. He compares invisalign with regular braces to help readers come to a conclusion that invisalign is the better choice for teeth alignment.